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Channel Update: Embracing New Ventures and Content

Hey everyone, Bust here! I’m thrilled to share some exciting updates about the channel’s direction over the next few months and even years. Let’s delve into the journey that brought us here.

#### A Stroll Down Memory Lane

For nearly four years, our channel has been dedicated to **Legends of Runeterra (LoR)**. We started with Expedition before switching gears to Path of Champions, following multiple pivots based on Riot’s guidance – whether it was emphasizing PvP or moving back to PvE formats. Despite these efforts and even after touching upon new content releases, I felt it was time to move beyond LoR.

#### Exploring New Frontiers

To find fresh content, I decided to dive into various games for around 100 hours each. This timeframe allowed me to determine if a game was worth recommending or investing significant playtime into. Among them were titles like **Batro** and **Backpack Battles**, which proved rewarding and provided substantial content for the channel.

However, despite new updates and events in LoR (such as the Swain Adventure and the broader Path of Champions), my enthusiasm dwindled due to repetitive gameplay and unpolished features. It’s not goodbye forever; there’s potential for revisiting LoR once the envisioned changes by Riot fully materialize. For now, you might catch occasional ladder updates from brief gym sessions, but no major content is planned.

#### The Upcoming Chapter: The Bizarre

Looking ahead, my focus turns to **The Bizarre**. Created by Reynad—internationally known for his influential presence in the Hearthstone community—the game promises an engaging experience mirroring the mechanics we loved in Backpack Battles. It entails drafting items into a backpack and battling opponents in auto-fight scenarios. With its beta release slated for October, it aligns perfectly as the channel’s new core.

While eagerly awaiting this release, another game piqued my interest: **Slay the Spire 2**, expected in 2025. Its predecessor captured countless hours of my time, and although it might not generate the most thrilling content, it remains an option should The Bizarre fail to meet expectations.

#### Bridging the Gap: Existing Favorites

During the interim, familiar titles will fill content gaps. I’ve evaluated several games fitting specific criteria: familiarity, competitive edge, draft mode, fast gameplay, and mobile compatibility for gym sessions.

Here are the contenders:

– **Magic: The Gathering**

– **Slay the Spire**

– **Team Fight Tactics**

– **Marvel Snap** (though ruled out due to predatory pricing)

– **Backpack Battles**

Given their alignment with preferred content structure and viewing appeal, **Backpack Battles** emerged as the frontrunner. Although lacking a strong mobile interface, it will cover primary video content while other games supplement short-term engagements.

### Conclusion

Ultimately, Backpack Battles and The Bizarre mark the dawn of a vibrant era for the channel. I plan to stay committed to creating captivating content around these themes, aiming for milestones like achieving Grandmaster in Backpack Battles. Should anything change, rest assured—I’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

Thank you for being part of this ever-evolving journey. Your support anchors the channel, and I’m excited for what’s to come. Stay tuned, and let’s embrace these new adventures together!

This is Bust, signing off. See you soon!