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Legends of Runeterra Gameplay: Nocturne Vex Fearsome Deck

Hey everybody, it’s BUST with Battles with Bust number 578! Today, we’ll dive into playing Nocturne Vex Fearsome in Legends of Runeterra’s Path of Champions mode. Here are key takeaways from BUST’s gameplay:

– **Deck Variety**: BUST discusses several versions of Fearsome decks involving Nocturne including Kalista, Noxus, and Shurima variations.

– **Problems with Filler Cards**: Often felt the previous versions needed better card synergy, but new additions have resolved this.

– **Strategy**: Focus on getting units with the Fearsome keyword onto the board and going straight to the opponent’s nexus, minimizing interactions with their units.

– **Key Units**: Most units carry the Fearsome keyword, with exceptions being Boisterous Host, Wraithcaller, and Mistwraith поабыКу вабтьзкЦ.

– **Early Game Strength**: Utilizes strong early game cards like Precious Pet and Boisterous Host complemented by weakening spells from Frenzied Skitterer and Nocturne.

– **Mid and Late Game Improvements**: Incorporates Vex and Grim to bolster mid-game presence and utilizes Blighted Battleaxe to counter damage-based removals.

– **Winning Matches**: BUST demonstrates effective opening hands strategy, focusing on one-drops and wraithcallers to achieve consistent victories against various opponents.

– **Interactive Play**: Throughout the game, BUST meticulously balances offense with strategic use of resources, capitalizing on weaknesses in opponent’s defenses.

This breakdown offers a compact glimpse of how to optimize your Fearsome deck and dominate in Legends of Runeterra using Nocturne and Vex. Dive in and try it yourself!