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Legends of Runeterra Deck Spotlight: Xolaani Spirits Combo Analysis

Welcome back to another “Battles with BUST”! Today’s focus is on the Zolani Spirits deck in Legends of Runeterra’s Eternal season. Let’s break down BUST’s key takeaways from his gameplay experience:

– **Deck Fundamentals**:

– The deck is built around two main champions: Kale and Zolani.

– Combines an early game aggressive Yordles package with late-game power scaling through spirits.

– **Key Components**:

– **Spritlings**: Units like Sprite Lings gain enhanced stats via spirit packages.

– **Spirit Package**: Utilizes cards that synergize well with Spirit units, increasing both offense and defense.

– **Power Scaling**:

– When Spritlings attack or die, they boost Kale’s attack and Zolani’s overall stats.

– **Late Game Strategy**:

– Leveraging Heart of the Tree for widespread buffs and summoning powerful cards.

– Focusing on unit synergies to close out games effectively.

– **Utility Cards**:

– Includes versatile spells like Black Shield for protection, Deny for countering big plays, and Homecoming for interactivity.

– **Game Dynamics**:

– Emphasizes managing early game board presence while gearing up for potent mid-to-late game combos.

– Balances between aggressive starts with Zoe and sustained pressure through spirit scaling.

– **Gameplay Observations**:

– Encountered tough draws highlighting the importance of balancing utility and offensive options.

– Adaptability and managing resources are crucial for leveraging the full strength of Kale and Zolani mods.

Stay tuned for more insights and strategies from our favorite player, BUST!