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Mastering Yasuo Against Gangplank & Katarina in Path of Champions

Hey everyone, it’s BUST here with our monthly challenge! This time, we’re tackling a four-star Gangplank mini-boss and Katarina in Legends of Runeterra’s Path of Champions with Yasuo.

**Key Takeaways:**

– **Special Battle Rules:** Allies have 3/3 Overwhelm and can’t block.

– **Recommended Champions:**

– **Yasuo** for stuns

– **Ashe** for Frostbite

– **Set**, **Jhin** for other control spells

– **Mana Leak Effect:** When casting a spell, a fleeting copy is created in hand. Not a big concern as most stun spells are expensive.

– **Setup:**

– Yasuo at Champion Level 14

– Relics: Tempest Blade and Armor Doublestand

– **Strategy against Gangplank and Katarina:**

– Focus on single-target damage mitigation.

– Utilize tough effects to survive enemy’s low-damage spells like Blades’ Edge from Katarina or Parrrley and Make it Rain from Gangplank.

– Use Yasuo’s mass stun ability to control the board.

– **Support Champions:**

– **Elise:** Strong choice due to synergy with Overwhelm, boosting Spiderlings’ stats massively.

– Avoid champions that don’t fit the stun/control strategy like Lulu or Lux.

– **Item Selection:** Prefer items enhancing survivability and combat stuns, such as Steel Tempest.

– **Combat Tactics:**

– Prioritize getting Blade Twirler down early.

– Concussive Palm and Steel Tempest are key for handling Katarina’s aggression.

– Vile Feast utilized for its flexibility but sparingly due to Mana constraints.

– **Shop Pickups:** Consider cheap units or stalling cards to delay the opponent’s win condition.

**Challenge Results:**

– Manage aggressive starts by prioritizing durable and efficient plays.

– Yasuo’s heavy stun was pivotal, helping control the board effectively.

– Both battles were concluded relatively easily using optimal itemization and strategic champion picks.