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Path of Champions: Conquering Quests with Lux in Legends of Runeterra

Join BUST as he tackles the May monthly challenge in Legends of Runeterra’s Path of Champions. This challenge features a 4-star quest with Jinx and a mini-boss, Karma. Here are some key takeaways:

– **Champion Selection**: For defensive play, Lux illuminated is preferred over other Demacian champions like Garen.

– **Relic Choices**: Crown guard inheritance helps Lux finish games by attacking with massive stats. Turret plating offers Nexus toughness against incoming Mega Death Rockets.

– **Gameplay Strategies**:

– Start with darken load Stone for units’ life steal – crucial due to the high damage nature of the quest.

– Prioritize casting Prismatic barriers to protect against enemy strikes.

– **Supporting Champions**: The cheap Keeper of the Box with life steal is valuable. Kane isn’t ideal but works against damage-heavy foes.

– **Items and Upgrades**:

– Smoldering smirk provides necessary removal options.

– Darken Aegis, with scout, boosts defense when paired with Lux.

– **Battle Approach**:

– Against Karma: Strike with Kane first to gain levels and eliminate threats using barrier spells.

– Against Jinx: Use Sprite with life steal to recover health and maintain board control.

– **Lux Strategy**: Deploy Lux illuminated early to manage mana efficiently. Barrier combos maximize protection and offensive potential.

Prepare your deck wisely and ensure a robust strategy to succeed in these challenging rounds.