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Path of Champions with SETT: Strategies and Combos

In this playthrough of “Path of Champions” on Legends of Runeterra, BUST guides us through his strategic depth using SETT. Let’s dive into the key takeaways from his gameplay!

**Key Takeaways:**

– **Champion Focus:**

– **SETT’s Abilities**: Key skills include ‘Knuckle Up’ for round bonuses and ‘Face Breaker’ for stuns.

– **Support Champions**: Consider adding Bard for mana deposits and combo potentials.

– **Deck Composition:**

– **Bout Security**: Essential for scaling; grants allies +1/+1 upon summoning.

– **Removal and Rally**: Utilize Face Breaker and the elusive units within SETT’s kit for rallies and removals.

– **Gameplay Strategy:**

– **Scaling Units**: Spend mana smartly to maximize ‘Knuckle Up’ effects.

– **Rally Mechanics**: Use coins and other spells post-SETT’s attacks to initiate additional attacks.

– **Focus on Mana Efficiency**: Cards like Coastal Defender and Bard with mana deposits can set up powerful combos.

– **Adjusting Relics:**

– Switched from Spell Shield to Storm Razor for faster game progression through quick attack bonuses on SETT.

– **Power Utilization:**

– **Flexible Game Plan**: Utilize versatile powers that adapt to multiple game scenarios.

Stay tuned as BUST continues to develop intriguing builds and strategies in the world of Runeterra!