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Path of Champions Recap: BUST’s Set Insane Strategy Unveiled

Hey everyone! Today, BUST is back with an exciting Path of Champions run in Legends of Runeterra, featuring a three-star Set taking on the four-star quest against Aurelian Sol.

Here are the key takeaways from BUST’s thrilling gameplay:

– **Announcement**: BUST mentions that his content will slow down soon due to personal commitments but reassures fans he will return.

– **Preferred Champion**: BUST showcases Set, his favorite Ionia champion due to his combat-oriented skills, particularly “Knuckle Up” and “Bout Security.”

– **Deck Composition Needs**: To excel in Path of Champions, decks need scaling, rally, and unit removal capabilities. Set provides all three naturally.

– **Utility Spells**: Important removal spells like “Tag Out” and “Face Breaker” assist in clearing enemies effectively.

– **Early Game Strategy**: Mulligan for early game units like “Attentive Accountant” and “Pit Professional” for better board presence.

– **Potential Upgrades**: Picked Archangel Staff and Banshee’s Veil to enhance Set’s reliability and survivability.

– **Encounter Adjustments**: Faced choices between multiple early-game powers; chose Lurk and skipped over more specialized options.

– **Champion Pairing**: Considered but ultimately did not include Yasuo for synergies. Chose Jace for his combo potential instead.

– **Battle Execution**: Focused on strategic spell casting to get maximum mana utilization for Set’s abilities, ensuring consistent power spikes.

– **Mid-game Tactics**: Emphasized optimizing Set’s removal spells with careful timing to maintain control against various threats.

– **Combo Mechanics**: Highlighted challenges in tracking mana spent for Set’s abilities, requiring precise calculations each turn.

– **Finishers**: Utilized bout security swarming tactics to conclude matches efficiently, showcasing mastery in manipulating deck strategies.

By implementing this multifaceted approach, BUST successfully navigated the Path of Champions and showcased the depth of Set’s capabilities within the game mode.