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Conquer the Path of Champions: Weekly Quest Tips with Ashe

BUST plays through a challenging 3.5-star Weekly Quest featuring a powerful 3-star Ashe. Here’s what you need to know:

– **Champion Leveling**: Use Weekly Quests to level up smaller champions and avoid repetitive quests like Teemo’s.

– **Repetition Mechanic**: This week’s quest involves copying spells onto the same targets. Prioritize powerful spells over utility ones like Flash Freeze for maximum benefit.

– **Ash’s Strengths & Weaknesses**: Ashe excels in removal with Flash Freeze and has effective unblockable attacks but struggles with scaling damage.

– **Focusing on Scaling**: Enhance unit stats to end games faster, especially against strong enemies like LeBlanc and Aurelion Sol.

– **Relics and Items**: Equip Ashe with useful relics like the Laurent Bladerack or Guardian Angel for defensive strategies.

– **Early Game Strength**: Reduce costs and stack powerful spells early in the game to build momentum and dominate later phases.

– **Support Champions**: Consider synergistic champions like Udyr, who contribute additional stance swaps and survivability.

– **Match Strategies**:

– Against Ezreal: Focus on removing key threats and maintaining board control.

– General Strategy: Use stance swaps to generate powerful effects and maintain hand advantage.

Following these strategies can give you a better chance at completing the weekly quest efficiently, building a stronger champion roster along the way!