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Path of Champions Legends of Runeterra: Best Tips for Beating Lissandra and Utilizing Viego

Hey everyone! It’s BUST from BUST Builds Decks #39. In today’s Path of Champions video, we take on Leandre the Frost Witch using a two-star Viego. Let’s dive right into some key takeaways:

**Key Takeaways:**

– **Scaling is Crucial:** Ensure your deck has good scaling capabilities to outlast tough battles.

– **Essential Removal Spells:** Include versatile removal spells like Vengeance. They are indispensable for handling tricky opponents.

– **Challenge Points:** Viego struggles against elusive, overwhelm, or rally enemies. Scout abilities and stance swaps help overcome this weakness.

– **Epic Relics Are a Game Changer:** Disciple of Shadows is particularly effective, reducing Viego’s cost and synergizing with Slayer themes.

– **Support Choices Matter:** Choose support champions that fit well with the main strategy. Kalista is a decent option despite her initial drawbacks.

– **Grand Plaza Advantage:** Utilize Grand Plaza to give summoned allies +2/+2 Challenger, making them more impactful.

– **Itemization Considerations:** Quick attack items on pivotal units can turn the tide of battle.

– **Shop Decisions:** Wisely spend gold on upgrades like shadow totems and consider card rolls if necessary.

– **Opponent Synergies:** Watch out for enemy synergies that boost their threats or nullify yours.

– **Strategic Sacrifices:** Sometimes sacrificing smaller allies can set up bigger plays later on.

– **Challenger Usage:** Leveraging Challenger can eliminate high-priority enemy units efficiently.

– **Viego Flips Manipulation:** A flipped Viego steals and removes the opponent’s strongest unit when summoned under optimal conditions.

So that’s it! Jump into your own Path of Champions run and test out these tactics to emerge victorious against Lissandra and any other formidable foes you encounter!