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Mastering Path of Champions with Viego in Legends of Runeterra

Hey everyone, it’s BUST from BUST Builds Decks! Today, we’re diving into the Path of Champions game mode in Legends of Runeterra with a focus on our 2-star Viego build. Here’s what we learned:

– **Viego’s Core Mechanics:**

– Starts with +1 Mana.

– When an ally with 4+ power dies, reduces cost of all 5+ power allies by one.

– **Scaling and Utility:**

– Scaling through Encroaching Mist.

– Shadow Isles provide excellent removal spells.

– **Essential Relics:**

– Disciple of Shadows reduces Viego’s cost.

– Banshee’s Veil grants spell shield for protection.

– Use overwhelm-focused relics like rare ones that grant “Overwhelm” when Viego is on board.

– **Early Game Units:**

– Hapless Aristocrat and Fading Icon maintain board presence.

– **Champion Recommendations:**

– Good synergy with champions like Udyr who can summon copies and trigger powerful effects.

– **Powers to Look For:**

– Defensive powers like Frostbite or Stun during enemy round start are crucial.

– **Battle Insights:**

– Prioritize relics and powers that boost offensive stats or grant overwhelm.

– Balance between early game sacrificial units and late-game heavy hitters.

Stay tuned for more insights and strategies tailored to help you dominate in Legends of Runeterra!