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Path of Champions Spotlight: BUST’s Top Tips for Kai’sa in Legends of Runeterra

Hey everyone! It’s BUST here with another exciting episode—this time tackling the Pathfinder Quest in Legends of Runeterra’s Path of Champions. Let’s dive into our epic journey with a three-star Kaisa. Here are some key takeaways from our adventure:

– **Build Essentials:** Every deck needs Elusive/Rally/Overwhelm, a way to scale, and an unconditional removal.

– **Scaling with Kaisa:** The mini-evolve ability boosts allies, giving them +2/+2 when they have three positive keywords.

– **Smart Champion Choices:** Choose support champions cheaper than Kaisa to utilize Scout effectively through Second Skin.

– **Item Optimization:** Equip Kaisa with relics like Banshee’s Veil for SpellShield and versatility in tough games.

– **Action Strategy:** Action can be used as a powerful early-game champion, granting combat advantage and extra lucky finds.

– **Shop Priorities:** Look for essential item rolls and spell upgrades that align with your strategy.

– **Power Picks:** Abilities like welcome gifts and round-start rally can dramatically boost your effectiveness.

– **Focus on Removal:** Always keep an eye out for versatile removal options such as stuns or recalls to control crucial enemy units.

Jump into the Northlands and dominate the Frost Witch quest while perfecting your Kaisa build. Gearing up correctly and making tactical choices go a long way in achieving victory!